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Exactly Michael, it was never meant to be a, "build thread" but rather, it is intended to be a, "design thread"

I just wanted to share the process as these CGI models are actually being designed primarily for, "virtual" applications.

But me, knowing the values of card modeling have put in the time and attention into CGI modeling and animation that I PERSONALLY would value a card model.

So, other than producing the simplified, student version, I also made provisions for a more advanced model that I myself would enjoy building with ease of assembly being a priority as I'm much better at drawing than building...

YES!, it has indeed been an, "Adventure" and I'm more than happy to bring everyone along (why should I have all of the fun?)

This is essentially the DD 886 USS ORLECK design process and there is a lot to design, I was once asked, "When will you be done?" my reply? "When I run out of things to draw"... (logic)
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