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Apparent pirate Etsy shop: please report/leave a review, if you've been affected

The Etsy shop "CraftModelShop" by "Juan Jose," which has over 400 items listed, has a lot of what looks very likely to be pirated and/or free material from elsewhere listed for sale. This has been going on for years. If you expand an item description, in the last line (which pretty much no one reads before purchasing), he basically admits it:
This file can be found after careful work on the web and downloaded for free. It is charged only for the work of having been searched and avoiding the work of being found.
Yeah, real cute.

If you are a cardmodeling plans or kit owner whose works have been pirated by this Etsy shop, I encourage you to report it. (Etsy doesn't allow those who aren't personally the intellectual property owners to report, even if one can show that it's pirated.) If you know an affected IP owner, please give them a heads-up.

If you had the misfortune of buying from this shop, if it's within the past 3 months, I encourage you to write a review to let other shoppers know. Fair warning, going by other reviews, that the proprietor might write a nasty reply.

Looking at the shop's paper aircraft model listings:
Apparent pirate Etsy shop: please report/leave a review, if you've been affected-etsy_bad.jpg

Here are examples of material that look pretty darn unethical to be selling:
  • The "Leonardo da Vinci Glider" is a Canon Creative Park free plan
  • The "F-18 Hornet Blue Angel" is a Kartonowy Arsenal scan
  • The "Lockheed P-38 Lightning" is another Kartonowy Arsenal scan
Many of the photos on the listings are recognizable from legitimate listings elsewhere.

(I am out of options to personally report or review. And it's apparent that Etsy really doesn't want to pay to have human beings on staff to deal with this stuff. I just don't want any more people to get ripped off.)
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