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As you say, Etsy requires that the IP holder themselves makes an infringement report. So in theory it should be possible to contact the legitimate company that publishes the model and advise them. On the other hand, I can foresee issues if said company has gone out of business (heard something about one of the Polish firms recently) or if the pirate tries to alter the files in some way that would result in the case being rejected. After all, pirates often sell shoddy scans and then take the money and run, and you've already said how this guy will react to negative reviews.

Speaking of the above, I see several one-star reviews which say things like 'unusable as it is' 'disappointed with image quality' 'this is a scam, files do not match, seller is using pictures of others work to scam people' 'drawings are cut and missing parts' 'a file you can't do anything with' and 'DON'T BUY FROM THIS SELLER...awfuly low quality model scanned in 75ppp'

I see that Etsy's policy mentions several times needing a 'letter of authorisation' or other proof of ownership from the rights owner. I'm wondering how much proof would be required to satisfy them coming from a model designer who has just made something as a side hustle and uploaded it to ecards or made it available for free?
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