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I sell on Etsy. Very little because it is not a site to sell paper models and even less so model ships or aeroplanes. Most of them are women and very simple animal models are preferred. The "Ecardmodels" formula does not work on this site.

This "Juan Jose" preferably sells models scanned from Polish publications and I warned him with a private message that he was committing a crime.
I got no reply. Simplenete is an unscrupulous scoundrel. Etsy only responds to a piracy offence if you are the owner and prove you are the author. The next day they remove the post.

In this case only Polish publishers can act and digital piracy does not affect them because they live exclusively from the sale of printed magazines.
I have seen piracy among designers on Etsy. Copying, plagiarising and stealing.
But I've never seen independent designer publications from Ecardmodels.

And if I ever see one I'll let the designer know.
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