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Originally Posted by heinkel111 View Post

In this case only Polish publishers can act and digital piracy does not affect them because they live exclusively from the sale of printed magazines.
I have seen piracy among designers on Etsy. Copying, plagiarising and stealing.
But I've never seen independent designer publications from Ecardmodels.

And if I ever see one I'll let the designer know.

In some ways this is good news. He's probably not selling that many. Also - this is just my assumption from seeing his storefront - the bait for unwary buyers is that the models look incredibly lifelike on the photos. (Perhaps some do not even realise they are buying a paper download kit and not an assembled model, as he sells those too, which also have some bad reviews as cheap and badly made or never sent to the buyer). With the greatest of respect to those that sell on Ecards, many of those kits do not have pictures of the assembled model and those that do often look exactly what you'd expect from people doing their best with a home setup. Whilst this isn't so optimal for a legitimate customer on there, it may well prove to be a defence against piracy on Etsy. Bear in mind Etsy charges some relatively steep listings fees as well as taking a cut of sales (I used to sell 3D prints on there and stopped when these made my profits marginal) to fund the operation, so it is actually costing him to offer these and such a pirate might only pick kits he thinks will shift. It wouldn't be economical to just copy and host every model he can grab.
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