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Good morning to all paper modelers...

after a long time of "missing pics", now I would share with all of you the actual status of the dockyard of the armed merchant ship SMS GOETZEN on which I worked on during last months...

The model, in 1:100 scale, is quite completed...

Are just still missing the boats, flags, propellers and rudder, a stand and a transparent case...

I have chosen to build this model looking at the 1st World War appearance, when it was armed with a couple of guns and a couple of revolving guns..

This time, I have left boats as last elements, because I'm still thinking which is the best way to build those elements... Honestly I don't like very much the approach used by the designer.. and I would try something of new for those boats that are enough large to have a more detailed building...

Anyway this GPM kit is well designed, also if (sometimes) I have found little mistakes in pieces dimensions and in instructions (some assembling schema are not very clear..) but I'm satisfied of the final result.

I how you'll like this model and the pics.

Happy paper-modeling to everybody !!



"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
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