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Teakell’s Table; tiny tank dioramas (continued)…

Joe’s dioramas are as clever as they are well crafted. The dioramas depict well executed vehicles, with rotating turrets and tight builds. The little stories in the builds are compelling and fascinating.

Another diorama depicts a very detailed, old European church building, blocking two tanks, just before the vehicles will be revealed to each other (see pic 1). A small wall provides a bare obstacle to the vehicle about to face off with a parallel traveling tank, who’s turret is not at ready, but in the same direction, permitting a close battle.

The two tiny tanks in the next diorama, are separated by a wall that rises above their line of vision, yet both set in very different experiences on their own side of this wall (see pic 2). One of the tanks rolls down a cobblestone street, hemmed in by the thick, afore mentioned wall, and a lighter, yet restrictive wooden fence. The other tank, blocked from visual connection to its counterpart, rests casually amongst the tomb stones and crypts. The clever setting contrasts the probing, hunting green tank with the yellow-cammo, resting vehicle.

Picture 1: Less than matchbook sized diorama WWII tank scene…

Picture 2: WWII tanks at a church...ant sized…
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