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Jim -

I was very disappointed that your wonderful 1 April write up on Vic Stanzel's 1939 Thompson Trophy Race flight didn't attract more attention.

It certanly caught my eye and caused me to decend into the Catacombs to retrieve a July 1950 issue of Air Trails (Image 01), which happened to contain a review of Vic's then-latest model offering, the mono-line U-Control "Tuffy," which was also advertised in that issue. Images 02 and 03.

By coincidence, that issue of Air Trails also announced the end of the National Air Races as we knew them, which would henceforth be limited to straight-course races for military jets and closed-course races of midget airplanes. Image 04.

I also note that plans are still available for two versions of Stanzel's Shark (Images 5 and 6).

I look forward to seeing your Shark model in Sterling in October, and I am ready to read any other essays of yours on alternative aviation history.

Keep 'em flying!

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