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Originally Posted by cdavenport View Post
Perhaps it's the physics of the thing. There was one Eplan with a prop mounted high on the vertical stab. Imagine the engineering required to get the same thrust from turboprops as they did from those 8 forward thrust engines while keeping the props out of the water!

That would have been quite a show.

Um, that's the link provided earlier in the thread by STRK

Экраноплан (53 фотографии) | Webpark - юмор картинки фото, приколы видео онлайн, комментарии к фотографиям:

The craft is the A90 Orlyonok, which used jet engines to "Lift" it vertically a couple of feet and then was pushed with the tailed mounted prop. The jet engines are there to augment the ground effect.
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