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I like to cut out a majority of the necessary parts for each part of the this case, the fuselage sections.

The Marek kit is designed with a "Butt joint" method of assembling the fuselage.
Basically this requires each fuselage section to have two formers, one at each end of the section, flush with the ends of the section "skin"
I'll come back to this method later...

For me, I prefer a joining strip" method of assembly for most sections of the fuselage, so I have gone ahead and cut strips of card that match the trailing edges of each section.
These strips must have a flexible "tab" side to allow the proper forming of compound curves during assembly.

One of our other members suggested this fuselage would benefit from a "middle out" construction. I am assembling the fuselage from the nose to tail, since that what I already have experience with.

First thing I do is start assembling each fuselage section by curving the part and joining with the end tabs...glue the joining strip in place after this step and not before, to allow for the reduction in inside circumference.

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