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Originally Posted by Bengt Fredén View Post

Thanks for an amazing model of the 'Lun' ekranoplane - I bought from Chris yesterday. I look forward to building it.
I hope You will enjoy its build

Did you know that the 'real thing' can be seen on the satellite photos on Google Earth? Just write 'Kaspiysk, Russia' and you will find yourself on the western shores of the Caspian Sea, in Kaspiysk harbor. It's quite amazing what you can actually discover, if you get close enough
Of course I did:D:D:

Originally Posted by shrike View Post
Google "Kaspiysk" click maps, then satellite and you can see it setting in drydock

To the east are also a pair of Zubr class LCACs and a trio of either Lebed or Tsaplya class LCACs

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