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[as relates to your individual sentences/statements:]

I never said you were "justifying theft"...don't strawman me! (whatever that means?)

It is okay to get a free model, as long as it has been offered free and is being offered by someone authorized to do so.

It is not unlawful to modify a model digitally...? who said it was?

The same result can not be achieved by hand. One is digital modification, the other is physical modification.

Most designers don't mind you modifying their models...although some may not like it, but they still cannot stop you, as long as modifications are done under legal circumstances.
As I explained.
(Scanning a pre-printed model, then modifying and repainting, then building the modified model and not the original, is not legal circumstances)

No, You were not clear about painting an "assembled paper model"...a uncommon thing on this forum.
(if we are talking about downloading a digital model, that is essentially complete and ready to build without requiring painting (like most plastic models)).

Once again, if you bought a model as a book...its a book. And additional legal rules apply, pertaining to printed publications.

Copyright "terms", do not promote or deter free distribution or modification.
They just state the facts and laws of ownership and usage and the related restrictions that may and do apply in each case.
Not a different kettle of fish...its what we're talking about. ...?

Last sentence appears to be you hating on the rich who are getting richer and you aren't. Nothing to do with the discussion.
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