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technically Avianca is still Colombian (avianca Colombia) what is Panamanian is the holding company
because i was inverted

by: pete michels "maverick"
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thank you gentlemen for you comments. The Junkers W33 named "Cundinamarca" arrived in 1928 and was outfitted with aerial photography equipment from the Scientific Section. The Junkers w33 with registration C-33 was used in the scientific division and had preceded the 'Caldas', it was sold in 1932 to the Border Patrol and used in the War with Peru. This was the only Junkes w.33 in the Scadta fleet.
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This story begins in 1975 when Avianca was already operating the powerful but aging Boeing 707 for long-haul flights.

In 1976 in the South American continent, no airline still owned the Boeing 747; however, between January 1972 and June 1974 the Venezuelan airline VIASA had operated the giant on a partial lease from the Royal Dutch Aviation Company KLM. With the registration PH-BUG and baptized with the name "Orinoco", this Boeing 747 was painted with the colors of VIASA on its right side and presents the colors of KLM on its left side.
Avianca executives, headed by its president Ernesto Mendoza Lince, began to evaluate the 747, looking for the possibility of acquiring a used aircraft that was in excellent condition and adjusted to the specifications of the long-range route network.
In October 1975, Continental Airlines decided to remove its four Boeing 747-124s from service, given that their performance was very costly when the first oil crisis occurred.

Boeing convinced the Avianca Board of Directors to take advantage of this opportunity and acquire one of these aircraft under very favorable conditions. The planes were parked in the New Mexico desert and were in perfect operational condition.
Avianca had begun to operate the Boeing house jet aircraft since 1961 with the 720B, then the 727, the 737 and more recently the 707, with magnificent results.
One of the aircraft that was available, the one identified with registration number N26862, was acquired by the Imperial Iranian Air Force to be converted to a military transport. However, after the fall of the Shah of Iran and the breaking of diplomatic relations between the United States and the revolutionary government, the agreement with Boeing was canceled and the plane was once again available on the market.
The opportunity was seized by Avianca and the order became official. The plane was acquired by the company and was taken to the Boeing plant in Seattle to be fitted with a new interior and painted in the new Avianca colors.
The aircraft, which was number 58 on the production line, had a serial number of 19734 and had been assembled in 1970. It was a 747-124 model and its first flight took place on July 2 of that year wearing the colors of Continental. Airlines as its first operator. Initially, the plane had a configuration of only 290 seats, when it operated with Continental, and it was conditioned to accommodate 345 passengers, including 30 seats in First Class, according to Avianca's requirements, and a luxurious rest room on the second floor, decorated with a display case. where replicas of pre-Columbian pieces from the Bogotá Gold Museum were exhibited.

On December 5, 1976, "Eldorado" made demonstration flights from Bogotá to Medellín, Cali and then to Barranquilla, before returning to Bogotá. This mission was in charge of Commander Álvaro Jaramillo Villa. The arrival of the plane at the Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellín caused a great sensation in the population, since due to its operational restrictions, it was a great feat to take this large plane to this small airport.

"Eldorado" soon began the operation of regular flights to Miami and New York, Caracas, San Juan, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt and later to Quito and Lima in the resplendent colors of the company's new image.
In 1978, after two years of successful operations, the Avianca Board of Directors decided to acquire a second unit, but this time in its "combi" version to operate on long-haul routes, carrying passengers and in turn a large amount of cargo. in mixed configuration. The plane, named "Cartagena de Indias" and with Colombian registration HK-2300, was a Boeing 747-259B Combi with serial number 21730, built for Avianca and was delivered to the Boeing Plant in Seattle in early June. from 1979
Avianca's third 747 Jumbo jet was the HK-2400X (19735) which was a 124SF model in freighter configuration. It was leased to the Israeli company EL AL and entered service on July 21, 1981 wearing the colors of Avianca. The aircraft flew until July 1982, when it was replaced by a new unit.
In August 1982, the fourth Jumbo 747 leased from the Scandinavian company SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) arrived. The LN-RNA became HK-2910X
Avianca's 747 Jumbo jet era ended when the last aircraft, the seventh operated by the company and under lease with Iceland's Air Atlanta, was returned after a few weeks in the 1995 summer season.
Avianca's Boeing 747s were replaced by Boeing 767-200 aircraft
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Avianca-scadta paper fleet-0340298.jpg   Avianca-scadta paper fleet-0440092.jpg   Avianca-scadta paper fleet-22555380_1262234077216477_9005451549639248153_o.jpg   Avianca-scadta paper fleet-51163616_10156949304234770_6513666866181832704_n.jpg   Avianca-scadta paper fleet-aia-b741-avianca.jpg  

Avianca-scadta paper fleet-boeing_747-124-_avianca_an1013887.jpg  
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