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Aircraft challenge: VVA-14, SM-64 (X-10), YF-23, ...

Hello, I've started a long-term project of building a fleet of scale aircraft models that can be flown as indoor gliders. To get the accuracy I'm looking for, they'll pretty much all be conversions of static models. There are a few on the wish list that I can't find plans for. If you are looking for a design challenge, I'd be more than delighted to build these models. Heck, I'd be up for collaborating on the design. (So far I've designed a profile plane and done a recolor of a scale plane, among other things, though I haven't yet designed a full contoured paper model.) Or perhaps you know of a good source for a downloadable plan (not looking for physical kits).
  • Beriev VVA-14, 1/120 scale: I've seen that people in the past were posting here to goad each other into making this one , but I haven't seen that anyone has done it. It's just such a weird plane to have actually flown that I really want to build it. While a model could end up a bit heavy with the three fuselages, the lifting center section and the high aspect ratio wings make it seem likely that a gliding version is feasible, particularly if it omits the inflatable portion of the catamaran floats.
    Aircraft challenge: VVA-14, SM-64 (X-10), YF-23, ...-bartini.jpg
  • North American SM-64, 1/72 scale: The shape of this thing is just so wild, and I'm also fascinated by the rocketry aspect of such a non-axisymmetric vehicle. (The SM-64 was indeed called the "Navajo," but I'd rather avoid using the appropriated name.) It would be cool to make the ramjet cruise missile portion—a turbojet version of which was of course tested separately as the X-10—into a glider. It would take building mostly hollow and pretty darn light. I've seen images of a paper model out there somewhere but haven't found a legit source for plans. By the way, someone once scratchbuilt a gorgeous R/C model rocket version.
    Aircraft challenge: VVA-14, SM-64 (X-10), YF-23, ...-sm-64-liftoff-2.jpg
  • Northrop YF-23 Black Widow II, 1/72 scale: The Ojimak and Murph's Models versions are cool, but I'm greedy for more accurate contouring on the svelte shape. Does a Scissors & Planes version exist? Haven't seen it if it does, though saw mention of it. I have seen references to a Russian model but haven't found that one either, plus I'm leery of sketchy websites.
  • Rockwell B-1B Lancer, 1/200 scale: There are a bunch of models out there, but I haven't run across a good downloadable plan for one. Suggestions? I'm wiling to downscale something bigger.
  • Aero Spacelines 377-SGT Super Guppy, 1/300 scale: The Gary Pilsworth model on here is neat, and I'll default to using that one, but if there's one out there with a liiiiiiittle more contouring, more representative nose, and wing root fairings, I'm all ears. A different Guppy prototype would also be welcome. In any case, it'll be interesting to see if it can work as a glider.
  • Rutan Model 10 Voyager, 1/120 scale: A ways back murphyaa had plans for a very nice version. (Looking at past discussions, I guess Aaron Murphy, Murph's Models, and Oddball Productions are the same dude.) The model is not currently up on the Murph's Models website. Maybe I can message Murph's Models and coax him to sell it to me. Once upon a time I built the Whitewings Voyager profile model, which was a graceful flier on a gentle rubber band launch.
  • Grumman X-29, 1/72 scale: Listed on Murph's Models but without a download link, so again maybe obtainable.
  • Douglas X-3 Stiletto, 1/72 scale: Same deal as above. Getting a successful indoor glider out of this one will be quite the trick. It will definitely need a nose made of foam rubber or somesuch. Otherwise I guess I could throw it at a dartboard.
Serious thanks for any consideration whatsoever!
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sm-64, voyager, vva-14, x-10, yf-23

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