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Fokker E.III Replica at Luftwaffe-Museum, Berlin-Gatow

Hi Moshe,

Thanks for all the links and photos - the images of the captured Fokker, the only original one in existence in London, are very interesting. I hadn't seen those 'walk-around' photos before, only the ones that are taken from the museum floor.

However, the light green replica that is at the Luftwaffe historical exhibition at the old military airfield museum at Berlin-Gatow, northwest of Berlin, isn't really a very good example of a period E.III - the rear of the fuselage is too short and much too thin (it should slope downwards much more) and the wheels are much too big. When I flew in Berlin last year, I had a desire to see this museum, but we hadn't the time, unfortunately. Perhaps next time.

The 'swirl' pattern on the cowling is also completely wrong, if you compare it to period photos.
One thing about this pattern, that is worth mentioning, though; the swirl pattern was done by hand and should be a bit irregular, which is very hard to accomplish in Photoshop. Just thought I'd mention it.

I suppose it could be done with a very small tool on a Dremel on 'buffed-up' or brushed RR paper, if you increase the scale of the whole model somewhat.
The problem is to get the pattern small enough.

The black & white photo of a Dutch Fokker E.III replica at (bottom of the page) is a much better 'master' to look at - the wheels are the right size and the plane is full scale, as opposed to many of the other new Aerodrome metal replicas with wing ailerons, that are only 3/4 scale.
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Bengt F :D
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Hay Bengt f
thanks for comenting...your right about the B&W photo it is a better reff material for this piriod plane - allso the walkaround was helpfull for me as i was building the model.
about the cawling pattern...i imagin it will not be a problem for a skilled PS person to achieve will probebly need a HQ laser printer and a silver paper in order to get a good resalt for the cawling which will look "real" .
I hoop i will get the chance to visit these museums in the future
Moshe O
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