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Old 11-13-2014, 04:07 PM
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Half-built things I may never complete.

The first is an original series Star Trek USS Enterprise. I started it, oh, I don't know, three or more years ago, as a birthday present for my brother. Yesterday I made one of the domes for a nacelle and promptly lost interest in it again.

The second is the castle at Disneyland, from the Disney Experience website. I reduced it to fit four pages on one sheet of cardstock and began work... about five years ago. Every once and a while, I take it out of the box it's stored in, look at it, say, "I really should finish that..." and put it away again. I think my reason for stopping is because the designer, Robert Nava, put out a new version with more realistic surfaces, and as soon as I saw that, I neither wanted to start over nor finish what I'd begun.

I'm curious to see what's languishing away half-finished in other people's collections.
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Old 11-13-2014, 04:18 PM
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Oh, I have a lot, a few of Ojimak Sukhois that are just laying around, an old F-18F from Paper-Replika, a V8 Engine, and a whole tree's worth of more. I tend to get obsessed with a hobby, like paper models, but it's like I have ADD when it comes to actually finishing one project related to it.
Designs in progress:

-C-2A Greyhound
-Br.1050 Alize
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Old 11-14-2014, 10:52 PM
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Uhu02's X-Wing, about 5 different starts, always run into a fit problem that I blame on paper thickness, and go reprint on different paper. Maybe one day I'll finish the attempt on the paper he designed it on...

Zio's Locomotive Gr.950 - tried it for a competition here, but it turned out the be quite difficult, and I was never happy with my results.

Plus many other small projects that I just lost interest in: Uhu02's Tinkerbell, Zio's P-51 Mustang, Wall-E, a small Lamborghini, Darth Vader's Lightsaber, Star Wars speederbike.. I still have all the parts in little boxes in my kit, waiting to be worked on some more.
Current builds: Mirco Firefly Serenity 1:96, Saturn V 1:72
ADD victims: WM Columbia 1:100, AXM Atlas V 1:300, OBP Spruce Goose, Uhu02 X-Wing... and many others
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Old 11-15-2014, 07:22 AM
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I have a barn from Cut & Assemble an Old-Fashioned Farm by A.G. Smith that is partly finished.

A goat from Spooner's Moving Animals by Paul Spooner stuck in mid-chew.

The house from Cut & Assemble House of the Seven Gables by Edmund V. Gillon Jr. with the wall and gables up but only one roof section added.

And looking around there is a body of some kind of bird.

There is also a thick stack of printed model sheets collecting dust.
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Old 11-15-2014, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SCEtoAUX View Post
A goat from Spooner's Moving Animals by Paul Spooner stuck in mid-chew.
That reminds me; I have Spooner's Museum of the Mind all done except for the headache. (I've built the whole thing once before, but for some reason, I put it aside this time.)
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Old 11-15-2014, 09:08 PM
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Well, I've got a BSG viper (2004) with tail, without wings, a 1/96 Buran space shuttle with rocket, all parts assembled but never got around to mating the ship to the rocket. I started designing a "Grasshopper" transporter for it but that's on hold for now. Also a 1/144 Buran repainted in Russian Federation colors, about 1/2 finished, and a Space 1999 Eagle about 2/3 finished. And an "Emergency" Squad 51 paramedic truck that I somehow lost the wheels to and never got around to reprinting them. And of course, several plastic models in various stages. I would finish all this stuff up, but right now I'm working on a 1/250 RMS Mauritania...
Recent builds: RMS Queen Mary 2, Paris Opera House
In the shipyard: USS Missouri, DKM Graf Zeppelin, RV Calypso.
Future builds: IJN Akagi, SS United States, HMVS Cerberus, and lots more!
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Old 11-15-2014, 09:28 PM
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I've got a few cars that just sit and intimidate me, and 4 or 5 biplanes of different types. Truth to be told the biplanes is where I'm starting in the morning.........! I'm one of these people that has a bunch of different hobbies and it's tough to try and stay on just one thing. Glad to know that I'm not the only one !!
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disneyland, enterprise, incomplete, star trek

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