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Old 03-17-2023, 02:40 AM
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Hi David,
Thanks for your comment !

Originally Posted by Michael Mash View Post
The magnets appear in the photos to be very small (cube shaped).
Where do you purchase them? I assume you attach them with CA glue?
Hi Mike, that’s good question
The search keyword is “neodymium magnets”. Please give it a try at google and you will find it. The magnets I’m currently using is coming from Amazon.

Completed attaching ballast grains on the base.
Kind of meditation…
Taking way longer than I initially thought.
Paper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-3caab535-9e39-4786-8d9a-95d53bdd67c3.jpg
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Old 03-18-2023, 12:55 AM
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While the base is completely dried, added pipes between tender and loco Paper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-b1504a41-8cd4-44b0-a1ae-0a34da561f93.jpgPaper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-d3ea7a2c-9c3e-4693-9405-e823b2a8fb9e.jpgPaper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-049eeffc-b532-4b0e-8efe-15d75d3f5591.jpgPaper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-e8fb2a5e-ce6c-4828-8df4-74109b324cb1.jpg
Painted in black
Paper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-4016fcdf-c472-4d90-b885-f13c1209c321.jpgPaper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-83059573-4f9e-487f-91e2-f37b7e553e75.jpg
Current status with Py27 side by side
Paper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-ca9bad6f-814b-4c91-bfff-3649aafbbb0d.jpgPaper Model, Ty2, Angraf 1/25-8a1d034a-ec65-4da0-bda5-7b10655f619a.jpg
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Old 03-18-2023, 08:35 AM
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Impressive comparison between the PY27 and the TY2.
The current project must be triple the amount of work of the previous project.
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