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Old 07-16-2023, 03:27 PM
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Mike Stamper's mention of Saul's Paper/Card Model Page prompted me to follow that link "for old time sake", and was surprised to find myself in the list of members, joined in 2003. I recall there were several active contributors there that I didn't find them in the listing. Then, joined here in 2008. So glad I did! JimB
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Old 07-17-2023, 11:02 AM
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It seems as if a lot of us joined the Forum in July 2007 or thereabouts.

It was fun Shangri-la-ing back to Saul's/Card Model page and seeing the names of so many friends. I was an avid viewer of that site, onto which I was put by my life-long friend, Bill Geoghegan, with whom I grew up and went to school in Baltlimore, Maryland, in the 1940s and 50s. He was DrBill in the Forum until he was beguiled away by the maritime museum in Easton, Maryland.

There was also a valuable, now-defunct site that had a name something like "Air-Sea-Land" with an enormous amount of historical information and some paper modeling material until it went down as a result, as I recall, of intellectual differences among the administrators.

I also just discovered that a lot of the Marek card models in my stash are still in a folder marked "DeWayne."

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Old 07-17-2023, 06:08 PM
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One more 21 gun salute!

I joined in June of 2013. From a modelling standpoint, it was the best decision that I ever made! Hats up in the air and a big Huuurah to all the folks that make this work!!!!

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Old 07-18-2023, 08:28 AM
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I joined in August 2009.

A longtime but not prolific plastic modeler, I was going through some career transition, and plastic modelers were not getting any cheaper. I came across a free Albatros DV posted on a World War I forum, then somehow from there made my way here.

To me card modeling and this community have it all - almost infinite variety, varying degrees of difficulty depending on what you are feeling like, and great feedback. Like the model but not the scale? Enlarge it or shrink it! Like the model but not the paint scheme? Repaint it using an open source graphics software!

I mostly sit back and admire, but more recently have started posting my results. Not because I have gotten any better, but because I have learned that designers and repainters like to see others enjoy and make use of their work. That has also led me to comment more on others' work. Not that I am more social than I was before, but because everyone likes to have others see their work and hear feedback on it.

My thanks to you all, and to decades more of the same.

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Old 07-18-2023, 10:46 AM
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Happy Anniversary to all of us! I've been a member since November 2009 and this community means the world to me.


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Old 07-18-2023, 10:49 AM
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All, THANK YOU, THE MEMBERS! You are what makes the pre-eminent
English paper model forum on the internet. YOU make our job easy. While we
do have, on occasion, the little squabble, YOU are the ones who amicably and
intelligently discuss/debate issues. YOU are the ones who offer constructive
criticism, not destructive, ego driven hate.

When asked for help, you help.
When asked for a reference, you give.
When asked for a review, your honest.

When asked for a pirated model, you educate.

What more could a forum ask for.
To our forum members, THANK YOU!

Respect the Paper, RESPECT IT!
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Old 07-21-2023, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Stamper View Post
Here's a bit of history.

Saul's Paper/Card Model Page

I may be "walking on thin ice" mentioning this, but I guess it was fore runner of papermodelers.

The site is in my "favourites" - It's never been updated for at least 16 years - Is this called living in the past or perhaps laziness....

The original concept of the community was to bring the different parts of the hobby into one site. I had talked with Saul before he passed away about creating a portal for paper modelers, but he was leery about the idea. When he passed away we took over the site and I have been trying to think how to revive it as it had not been updated in may years. At this point we just host it hope one day to be able to rebuild the site into something that would support the community but while I have started a couple time, I have just not had the time to dedicate to any project.

That said, I am surprised no one mentioned the predecessors to our community Card Models dot net.

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Old 07-21-2023, 01:01 PM
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I was late to the party. April 2009. Kept using the old site for two years after it was sold to the Z. Noticed more and more the common members stopped posting. Finally did a search and found this site with all the familiar names.

The first site I joined was the yahoo groups paper models (forget the name). I posted a PDF of my SR71. Rick contacted me about posting the PDF on the Card Models dot net Jason mentions. I soon forgot about the group chat paper model area.

I just want to say Thank you for such a great site.

Thinking through the years of posting, reading, looking at the photos, and learning about new techniques, realize I have met many wonderful people here.

Although we have only conversed by email, private messages I consider them friends.

The offers of help and when asking questions the help that members provide is like having your own Wikipedia with real time answers.

As the years progressed found that more time was spent on Papermodelers.Com reading and viewing, than watching TV. Inspired by what I saw, building and reading became my past time. Why watch paid for commercials, why not spend that time here?

Thank you Jason for your excellent choice in Moderators, whom; without this site would be like all the rest with flame wars and questionable one-sided leadership.

Member of many other forums besides paper. Try to provide a link to a free model site or anything they can't make money off of is forbidden. Don't even post a photo of a free download model or mention free paper models on the other forum or expect a PM stating "removed from site".

Really? Thought paper model sites were about Paper Models, helping designers and builders, not making money off of my posts/conversations. Why can't you post a free model, on these type of sites, for others to build? Great way to get feedback if a model part fit is correct, graphics lined up, problems with the build? Here we have a forum based on asking for Beta Builders: Awesome!

I've never seen one of the Admin/Moderators here bad mouth a competitive site, I've seen this on the other forum about this site.

Guess this is my way of saying Thank You for providing a safe place to visit and have fun!


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Old 07-25-2023, 09:17 PM
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I no longer visit daily, but it is a relief to find the site basically unchanged. The internet has moved on to a few massive sites that try to do everything. This is a website where people can interact on the basis of loving paper models. We talk about paper models, show pictures of our paper models, share tips on construction and materials. The owner of the site doesn't show me porn or boost the worst users algorithmically or pester me with offensive ads. It is a treasure just as it is.
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Old 07-27-2023, 04:24 AM
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Happy birthday to you, papermodelers!!!

I joined you a few years ago, but my interest in models and later on in paper models last for almost 50 years. I have not been very active on the forum yet, because I work a lot and I breed a 12 years old, sometimes a troublesome boy. But I'm already glad to read your posts, look at your models and follow the advices. Thank you Jason and the administrators for keeping the page on this high and much helpful level. The best for all of you from Poland!!! Darek (not Derek!).
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