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1948 israeli and egyptian Spitfires in 1:300 & 1:200 (S&P recolors)

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1948 israeli and egyptian Spitfires in 1:300 & 1:200 (S&P recolors)

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Here are updated files for the Israeli and Egyptian Spitfires in 1:300 & 1:200.

- The egyptian mk V are unchanged.
- the mk IX are updated with the longer nose they should have had from the beginning and the later horizontal stabilisators.
- 2 new mk IX are added: one in Yugoslav markings and the other in No. 208 RAF sqn markings.

The ferry flights from Czechoslovakia to Israel were known as Operation Velveta. The first one took place in late september 1948. Operation Velveta 2 took place in mid december 1948. The planes left Czechoslovakia in yugoslav markings. After landing in Yugoslavia, the israeli markings were applied. The Spitfires then took off for a 2500 km non stop flight to Israel. They were carrying the Spitfire belly tank under the fuselage and one Bf 109 fuel tank under each wing. Aircraft 632 is one of those planes.

No. 208 squadron RAF was based at Ramat David immediately after WW2. Flying the Spitfire Mk IX, it later received Spitfires FR mk 18. The wreck of one of their former Spit IX (RG-W, serial PV120) was the major organ donor for the second Spitfire reconstructed by the israelis (D-131). It only flew in late september/early october 1948 after the first 3 ex-czech Spitfires had arrived. Other Mk IXs from this unit had been delivered to the Royal Egyptan Air Force in the previous years. The squadron was still at Ramat David in 1948. It lost 4 Spitfires FR.18 to the IAF but also shot down 2 egyptian Spit IXs when they attacked their base. After the british withdrawal from Palestine that year, the unit relocated to the egyptian canal zone.
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