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Scissors and Planes free model compilation Sept 2016

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Scissors and Planes free model compilation Sept 2016

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  • Author scissorsandplanes
  • Uploaded 09-24-2016, 03:56 AM
  • Last Updated 09-24-2016, 03:56 AM
  • Category Aviation
  • Total Downloads 2680


  • Free SandP models September 18.11 MB

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In order to help you find all the free models posted in the thread "one model per (non-working) day" you can find here a zip file with all different PDF files for hundreds of models (if my count is correct).
kind regards
707 Report Comment
I can't download it on PC .Can you upload it to Google Drive?
AndrewO Report Comment
King Designer B !
These are the most fun I have had in a dew years.
Little jewels.
Well, they don't turn out like little jewels the way I build them, but the designs are excellent.
I have only cut and glued a few, and they are SO MUCH FUN !
Many, many thanks !
==._ AndrewO, in San Jose, Calif _.==
Gurachn Report Comment
Wow, outstanding collection!
Many thanks for this.

axie051104 Report Comment
can you make a 2018 version of this document?
kahoody Report Comment
Nga mihi nui ki a koe, Bruno! He koha tino pai nau! Many thanks! Ant.
peterlane Report Comment
Thank you. Great work.
Paper Kosmonaut Report Comment
Thank you, Bruno! This was an extraordinary generous gift. I am going to be having so much fun with these.
N96HBK Report Comment
Cheers Bruno!!
Serg3t Report Comment
Thank you Bruno!
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