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North African Mirages in 1:200

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North African Mirages in 1:200

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  • Uploaded 01-30-2017, 04:23 PM
  • Last Updated 01-31-2017, 12:14 PM
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  • pdfc-Mirage5DE-1_200-mod3h-2017-ly.pdf 312.7 KB
  • pdfc-Mirage5SDE-1_200-mod3h-2017-eg-part1.pdf 372.9 KB
  • pdfc-Mirage5SDE-1_200-mod3h-2017-sa.pdf 225.8 KB

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In 1970, Libya ordored a great number of Mirage 5, among them the Mirage 5DE interceptor, a clone of the french air force Mirage IIIE. Most of those Mirages were in fact used by Egypt.

In 1972 Saudi Arabia ordered 32 similar Mirage 5SDE that were delivered to Egypt in 1974 while the earlier Mirages were returned to Libya. The relationship between the 2 countries started deterioration after the Yom Kippur War and a short war finally erupted in july 1977. Egyptian and libyan Mirages fought each other.

In 2004 Pakistan bought Libya's surviving deltas and their huge stock of spare parts while Egypt modernized theirs with SAGEM.

Here are 2 libyan Mirage 5DE, one Mirage 5SDE in saudi markings and 2 egyptian Mirage 5SDE.

Build thread is here (in french, check page 2 for pics of a IIIB build). Design thread is here (in french too).
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