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Airspeed AS.31

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Airspeed AS.31

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  • Author GaryPilsworth
  • Uploaded 09-09-2017, 02:33 PM
  • Last Updated 09-09-2017, 02:33 PM
  • Category WWII
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  • AirspeedAS31.pdf 2.04 MB

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Airspeed AS.31
1:48 scale
AndrewO Report Comment
I am getting pretty close to having this one finished !
The forward wing was driving me nutz.
But, once I saw what Gary P was doing, it all made perfect sense.
This is usually what happens, after I finish a model, I think to myself, " Oh, next time I will do a better job. "
Gary P = many thanks !
- AndrewO, in San Jose, Calif
at6 Report Comment
Thank you for another great and unusual model Gary.
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