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Alan Rose DC-3 in a C-47 military version

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Alan Rose DC-3 in a C-47 military version

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  • Author Rubenandres77
  • Uploaded 10-09-2017, 11:26 AM
  • Last Updated 09-21-2018, 06:23 AM
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The kit represents a C-47 from the 94th squadron - 439th Troop Carrier Group USAAF, piloted by 1st Lt. Robert Sakrison as it was in service in May 1944.

See the original Alan Rose DC-3 thread at:

And find the original DC-3 download at:
(You will need to go there for the original instructions to build this kit)

No invasion stripes on the model. Just a regular military C-47 paint scheme because this particular plane was not used in the invasion.

This repaint was requested by David Sakrison some time ago, and I had not uploaded it publicly. He proposed the scheme, as it was his father's plane. And I liked the idea and felt happy to oblige, mostly because there is that emotional link attached.

So this is the first time we share this version openly.

As usual with this kit, all pages are in A3 paper.

The Alan Rose design was for an early DC-3, and some details of the engine may not be accurate for a C-47. You may have to scratch a couple of cooling vents for it. A square of green color is provided in the last page for that purpose.

YukonJohn made a nice alternative face for the engine that can be used to replace the original Alan Rose parts.
You can find the new engine face here:

Ruben Martinez
herky Report Comment
big thanks for sharing this version of model
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