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WACo EQC-6 Custom Cabin

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WACo EQC-6 Custom Cabin

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  • Author lfuente
  • Uploaded 08-14-2019, 09:23 AM
  • Last Updated 08-18-2019, 12:40 AM
  • Category Prop
  • Total Downloads 397


  • LF_1-72_WACO_EQC6_PATCO_v2.pdf 1.92 MB
  • LF_1-72_WACO_J2W1_USCG_v2.pdf 1.96 MB
  • LF_1-72_WACO_UC72H_USAAF_v2.pdf 1.95 MB

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This is a kitbash using the fuselage of the Xmas MH 1521 Broussard by Guido van Roy, with permission from his DGA group. It includes new wings/struts, tail surfaces, wheels/pants and windscreen.

A text-only build guide is available, or builders can refer to Pericles's build thread on - many thanks to him for his very helpful suggestions!

The cowl parts should fit OK, but if adjustments are needed here are his guidelines for shortening the front and rear cowl diameter, opposite the tab end:
1/72 shorten by 8.48mm/0.33in
1/100 shorten by 6mm.0.23in
1/144 shorten by 4.24mm/0.16in
1/200 shorten by 3mm/0.11in

Edit: 15 August 2019
Cleaned up some annoying graphics artifacts, and credited Pericles for the test build. The J2W-1 is now V-158 with a bigger USCG fuselage emblem.
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