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Originally Posted by ReynoldsSlumber View Post
Does anyone know of a set of cone rolling mandrels of various angles? My pencil sharpener only does one angle of course, and found objects aren't really getting the job done, so it would be nice to have purpose-made cone mandrels.
Use a mouse Pad or use wood dowel holding the cone to be rolled in your palm. Rub the dowel back and forth to get an initial rolled edge.

Then I roll the cone around the dowel, final step is to use a rubber band to keep it that way for 10-minutes. Wrap around the paper and dowel.

Once un-rolled it is easier to glue. Once un-rolled you will need to tuck the glue tab under, near the point, so that when gluing the top edge doesn't hang up on the tab.

When rolling around the dowel, you need to keep the dowel pointed straight at the point of the cone. This way the cone will be even, not lop-sided.

If the cone has glue tabs, do not score and fold, this makes for triangle shaped cone instead of round.

I use the really small diameter bamboo skewers available from any grocery store to reach inside for glue support. The small point can supply pressure on the glue tabs near the point, just be cautious of it poking through the point.

How to apply pressure: force the skewer to bend while using your other hand for back pressure for clamping.

Bamboo skewers don't break that easy, where a small 1/8" or 3/16" wood dowel will.

Cones are very tricky to glue! Small ones are a big challenge.


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