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Hello everybody,

I still found a better material for the dark covering of the probe sides and rod systems.

I had an appetite for After Eight once again, and when I unpacked it I had the little wrappers between my fingers and immediately thought Eureka - I have it!

The outside of the cases is matt black and the inside is glossy. And after I've crumpled up and then unfolded it again I think that this variant is the best solution.
Then I thought about how best to scratch the foot of the X-Band High Gain Antenna, but so far I haven't been able to find a useful photo that would show it in more detail.

Since you can hardly see the base anyway, I first cut a small cylinder out of a discarded ballpoint pen and stuck it under my existing antenna, what I also wanted to cover with aluminum foil.

Then in this image it almost looked to me as if there was a cone-shaped cover beneath the antenna,

which is why I've enlarged it again, which seems to confirm my suspicion.

That's why I covered this paper lampshade with foil,

and glued from below over the base against the bottom of the antenna.

Here the antenna, covered in this way, is only temporarily placed on the probe, but that still doesn't convince me.

As one can clearly see on this model, the entire lower part of the antenna is loosely covered with dark foil.

That's why I'm going to rethink the entire cladding of the space probe including the rod systems and use both shiny aluminum foil and the After Eight paper.

Greetings from Germany
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